April 28…Dinner with Andy & Trish Muchmore

Andy and Trish Muchmore are former classmates of Doug’s at Stanford – they all met as 18 year old freshmen. Doug and Andy also were “cadaver mates” at UCLA during their first year in medical school.  Trish and Andy have lived in the Washington area since Andy finished his residency at UCLA.  He became an NIH fellow and staff member and ER physician.  This evolved into a medical informatics company to try and fix some of the mess that electronic medical records systems have created…he is not so sure he has made much difference.  Doug’s remembers Andy at Stanford as a happy go lucky surfer that was often found barefoot on campus – a brilliant and entertaining guy.  He is still wearing his flip flops.  I realized we didn’t get a picture of them…I think we were so awed by the beauty of the forrest they call home. Imagine this backyard and only 12 miles from the Capital…imagine. We had a wonderful evening with them – what a way to start off our time in Washington, D.C.