Enroute to Eugene

September 27,2014

Enroute to Eugene

Hi everyone,

Doug and I are on I-5 headed towards Eugene, Or.  We have spent the last 4 days in the Rogue Valley State Park.  After a day of rain, the skies are beautiful and most everything is refreshingly green. I think we both needed a few days to just chill. We rode our bikes, visited my friend from nursing school, Linda Hanson, saw a couple of movies, cozied up and read, and I refamiliarized my self with the coach.  I also took a tour of the kitchens and packing facility at Harry & David’s.  I learned that they are the major employer for the city of Medford.  I have always loved their products and like them even better now.

Doug has done a great job fixing  up the coach and preparing for this trip.  We even have a reverse osmosis system (I thought the same thing-SO?????).  It completely purifies the water………no scum in the shower and clear ice cubes, not to mention completely purified water to drink.

Of note.. Jacksonville is a delightful must see.  We had lunch and spent the afternoon with Linda at a great little resturant called The Bella Union.   It has also become quite an area for wineries. We sat under a huge fig tree that covered the entire patio.
We saw the movie The 100 Foot Journey.  Don’t miss it.  It is a delightful story that takes place in the South of France.  I just finished reading 11/22/1963 by Steven King.  Would recommend it.  It is about traveling back in time and preventing the assassination of JFK.
Last night we started dinner about 830 after a trip to Costco for some good rib eye steaks (as you know we are both carnivores ).  We looked like the 2 Stooges trying to build a fire and bar-b-q.   The fire just wouldn’t cooperate and we couldn’t see a thing to cook.  We are learning  :  )   Where is a fireman when you need him?  You boys are always good at starting a bonfire.
Saturday September 27, 2014
So far the promised 73 degree, mostly sunny day, has not materialized……maybe it will be laundry day :  (
(Doug here – that was damp wood – really it was)
Rogue River Sunset from our campsite (20 ft. walk)