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July 4th Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th…..Happy 4th of July

We moved the coach again to an overflow area and now actually have the best spot in the park.  We are now dry camping without any hookups.

View Through The Window
View Through The Window

We went on a boat ride in Mary Lake early this morning and met the Chief of the Black Feet Indians for this region. He was an Army vet and The Chief (Chairman) and Doug struck up a conversation at a bridge we were hiking on.  At his invitation, we went to his house in the afternoon and met several of this 18 siblings. The family has a lovely summer home on the banks of the St. Mary river just north of where we have been staying. He is a very interesting man working hard with his Tribal Council to address the many challenges faced be the Native American Nations. He and Doug talked about healthcare, land rights, old treaties, and even the Washington Redskins name controversy. We made another new friend!

Mary Lake View
Mary Lake View
Harry, the chairman (Chief) of the Blackfeet Tribe and his wife, Jana
Interior Decorating - Montana Style
Interior Decorating – Montana Style

Tomorrow onto Canada – weather permitting. Big storm for tonight!


July 2nd – Happy Birthday Karen Hoyt

Chores today.  It is time to wash those things we wear over and over.  We did  made the same mistake we have made many times before….we just can’t seem to get it right.  This trip we made sure we have plenty of clothes for cool weather, after all we are in the mountains….the temperature hasn’t been below 80 during the day.  My one pair of shorts can stand up by themselves.

Here is our camp site at the end of the day. Full moon rising still warm at 10 PM but we have to have a camp fire. Beautiful evening and on phone to grandkids.

Roughing it Smoothly – calling home by a full moon

People We Meet On the Road of Life

It seems our trips are often defined by the people we meet……enter John Pearson.  We met John while we we getting gas for the Jeep near our camp ground.  I was very interested in how he had attached his kayak to the top of of his Jeep.  After he and Doug had stood and talked at the gas pump for what seemed like and hour…we asked him to join us for dinner.  He was alone  and is a retired U.S. Army Colonel – an Army Engineer.  The three of us embarked on a 20 mile drive to Many Glacier Lodge and barely made it before the dining room closed at 9:30. The evening  yielded a wonderful evening of fried trout and great conversation.

John Pearson Army Engineer and world traveler - new friend!
John Pearson Army Engineer and world traveler – new friend!

A little history. John is 80 years old and resides in Grand Junction, CO.  He moved there with his camera, a revolver, computer, and car after his custom home in Mississippi was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina – that was all he had left!  He travels mostly to do photography and replace his collection of 30,000 photos that were all lost in the hurricane.  As an Army engineer he has seen the world and he  was involved in the rebuilding of Walter Reed Medical Center and many other military facilities.  He then later became a CEO of a engineering company in Saudi Arabia! You can see why Doug immediately connected with him. We plan to possible see him during a wine fest in Grand Junction in September.


West Glacier Hike – Avalanche

Falls at Avalanche Creek

July 1, 2015 Hiked Avalanche in West Glacier

Another trip over the Going to the Sun road to West Glacier… hike to Avalanche Lake.  This was a MUST hike according to several people we have met.  It is described as an easy 2 mile hike with 500 foot elevation to Avalanche Lake and 3 waterfalls.  It was more beautiful than we could imagine, but easy, no.  Perhaps our mistake was listening to folks in their 20’s and the 500 foot elevations occurred several times in that 2 mile span.  Only the pictures can tell the whole story.  Hiking with Doug works for me because he stops so frequently to take photos.

End of Hike! Avalanche Lake
Along the hike

I cannot begin to tell you how many interesting people we have met.  You know how shy Doug is.  One of our encounters was an engineer working on a portable machine that converts feces and polluted water into electricity and potable water.  The project partially funded by the Gates Foundation.  The other was one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen.  He was hiking alone and was on holiday from his job as a statistics professor in Colorado, but originally from Wales.  He was buff, with a chiseled face, articulate, about 6’2″ with the most wonderful accent…..makes me want to go to Fort Collins, Co :  ) (Doug here: I do read these things Bonny!)

We took a nap here on this beach. Lake Avalanche
Peek a boo!

Out last big surprise of the day was to see two bears along side the road as we were driving back to our campsite.  We are all encouraged to have bear spray.  I even saw the waiter at one of the hotels wearing it inside the restaurant.  Now if I saw a bear while I was hiking, there would be no need, I would simply die of fright.  Even those smiling bulls scare me.