Home to Redding! Summary and Stats


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After making new friends in Elko, Bonny and I hit the road in a cool morning and sprinted home to Redding. We drove the RV to our favorite local RV site in Redding  at JGW off Knighton Road. If you ever have friends that need an RV/Trailer site on the river – thats the place.

Below is the map of our journey. Here are our operational stats:

Weight 34000 lbs.
Length with Jeep and bikes 63 feet
Fuel 150 gallons
Water 100 gallons

Miles driven 8,482
Hours of driving 165 approx.
Gallons of Diesel 1116
Average price per gallon $3.12 
Oil consumption 0 qts
Generator hours 72
Nights on the road 93
Calls to Dr. Phil - 0
New and Old Friends - Priceless

We slept in the rig every night except when we were at Hillsdale College for one week. Bonny and I never called Dr. Phil and we enjoyed good home cooking almost every night except when we enjoyed some great restaurants along the way.(Doug here: Bonny is a great cook).

Our only technical issue was a failed latching ground relay for the house water pump easily fixed by a 12 inch jumper wire while Bonny was shopping in Michigan. Thanks to the good wrenches at A&N Diesel in Redding our now 13 year old Tiffin Allegro Bus with a turbo charged 8.9 L. Cummins 400 on a Freightliner chassis has proven itself reliable and a road queen.

Click on this map below  to see a bigger map

So, mission accomplished! We were educated, entertained, and entranced by this great big country. We made new friends and visited some long time friends during our journey.

A few parting thoughts:

America, God truly  “has shed His light on thee”.

When asked after the Constitutional Convention as to what type of government the convention had agreed upon, Benjamin Franklin answered,  “A republic, if you can keep it”.  That challenge was issued to all Americans 229 years ago! Never forget that you and I are “We The People…”! Our nation comes with rights and responsibilities!

Let us all strive to prove ourselves worthy of this great gift and commit to strengthening the ties that make this nation great.

God Bless America.