June 26…our hearts are broken

We got news last night that a Long Beach fire captain was shot and killed while responding to an explosion at an 11 story home for elderly and handicapped.  Our hearts are broken.  As it turns out it was a resident of the home that had planned a murder/suicide.  Dave Rosa was a 17 year veteran and had been Andy’s captain for a year.  Sean was also in the academy with him.  He was  well known and loved.

Another day of traversing the USA..Iowa to mid Nebraska.  The absolute green has changed to spots of a drier more arid landscape.  We managed 400 miles today and stayed the night in Kearney RV Park.  It was basically gravel with no trees & hot…there were fireflies though. The sunset over the lake in the quarry made up for the heat!

Sunset over the lake in Kearny Nebraska – the beginning of Indian country for the Pioneers back in the day…
Wind power technology from a different perspective! Up close and dangerous.