June 20…Day trip to the Detroit Art Museum

I toured the museum with a delightful 4th grade teacher with incredible energy and inquisitiveness.  I also met the most fascinating man during our time at Hillsdale, Marvin Treiger. 

Marv was a radical leftist and communist in his 20-30’s.   He became involved with the Weather Underground and knew Bill Ayres and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn.  At the time, he had a black girlfriend but the Black Panthers told her she need to drop him because he was white. As he aged and he explored life he became a conservative and today he is a Trump lover.  What a life journey! I had the pleasure of his company on the bus ride to Detroit. He had a lot to say and I listened!

Another interesting couple went to high school with Hillary Clinton and they have seen her over the years at class reunions. Ken and Patti both remember Hillary when she was a Goldwater girl in the 1964 election. I guess she “evolved” over time.

The president of the college, Larry Arnn, showed up as we were touring a large chapel under construction.  He and the architect (bow tie) showed up and finished the tour with us.  It gave me a great appreciation of all the intricacies and planning that go into building a structure for a multitude of purposes.

President Arnn and the architect at the new church site

I cannot say enough about this experience.  We both want to come back for a series on Economics.  I am not sure why it has taken 70 years for me to become interested in the history of this country and its founding fathers…I was more interested in dissecting a frog when I was in college.

Our Classmates