June 13…last day of sightseeing!

There were still a few places on the island that we wanted to see.  One was Sand Beach.  I think it is just about the only beach with sand and waves.  It reminded us of something up around Malibu or Carmel…very beautiful.  We saw the kids teasing the waves, but not in the water.  There were few sunbathers…mostly windbreakers and hats.

We met a couple there from Michigan that had come here on a motorcycle.  As you would expect this precipitated a long conversation with Doug.  The gal was a first grade teacher living in a small town of about 900 in middle Michigan.  She said there was something very liberating about traveling by motorcycle.  She had 3 tops and one change of denims.  She doesn’t do her hair or wear any makeup when traveling.  Could you do that?

We were going to do another carriage trail but the weather was changing and it was getting a bit late to start a ride.  We opted for an early dinner at a road side lobster pound.  I had my fill of clams and lobster…no other food group except dairy…butter.

The only sand beach in the park
Just one of the many little coves and scene In Acadia
Bonny attacking this lobster AFTER consuming a small bucket of steamed clams!
No clams for me – just this 1.5 pound lobster!
Dinner is served
Our RV neighbors – we met them in Freeport Maine at L.L. Bean. Friendships can start even in parking lots!
Bonny checking out some lobster buoy birdhouses