June 11…Exploring Bar Harbor

When you think Maine, you think of Bar Harbor which is representative of a true summer retreat.  It is a quaint town on the Atlantic. Today,  it has become a tourist attraction invaded by cruise ships and many tourists from across the USA.  Still quaint but very crowded.  I was wondering where are the beaches?  There are very few sandy beaches here…so different from my idea of sunbathing and surfing.  (There you go Bonny – your “minds eye” is tricking you again.  This is a part of the fun of discovery)  Costal Maine is, however, the perfect place to escape the heat and humidity of summer on the East Coast.  We also headed to the end of the island for a photo op at the Bass Harbor Light House.  After navigating steep steps and stairs we were left to climb over large boulders for the picture.  This is when we came face to face with the fact that we were no longer agile enough to do this…we will have to buy a postcard. Doug never did get this classic picture of this particular lighthouse.

Exploring the “quiet side” of the island, we stopped at South West Harbor for a delightful lobster dinner.

Bar Harbor shoreline
Another Bonny lobster meal!
Good local brew