June 7… 12 minutes through New Hampshire Headed for Maine

MA to Maine today and stopping in Freeport, Maine –  home of LLBean.  It was a fun day shopping…mostly for Doug.  We spent the night in the parking lot of LLBean, which is designed for just that purpose.  This is their headquarters and they have 5 stores here ranging from biking and boating to a Home Store.  When asked how late they stayed open,  I was told they are open 24/7…they don’t even have locks on the doors because they NEVER close…One salesperson told us that for employees to attend  the funeral of one of the founders, they had to tie the doors shut with ropes from the inside.  In this day and age of police presence and security guards, it just struck me as remarkable way of doing business. 

This is a very typical outlet area housed in an atypical  fashion with many of the stores occupying historical old buildings…visually very appealing. I love the brick and vaulted ceilings.  On a recommendation we dined at Tuscan Bistro…packed on a Thursday night.  Doug got talked into a fungi pizza that consisted of many shaped mushrooms.  I thought “too many vegetables for him” but he liked it.

Camping at L.L. Bean – how appropriate!