June 3…On to Salisbury Beach

We left the cape today but managed to squeeze in one last bike ride…the best of all.  It was cold (in the 50’s) and sunny.  We completed the rest of the Cape Cod trail to a town called Dennis about 18 miles.   The views were especially nice leading us past Sheep Pond, Seymour Pond, Long Pond, and Henckley’s Pond.  In many places there was just a narrow spit of land separating the water

Here comes my first medical complaint of the trip.  I have had two corneal abrasions and next to childbirth they are the most painful maladies  I have ever experienced.  The irritation and pain become all consuming.  The only relief is a visit to an ophthalmologist and placement of a contact lens…never convenient especially on vacation.  Was it just the green dust in the or ????.  We were supposed to be out of our RV spot 10 minitues ago.  Squirting with water and a shower did not give relief.  Was I looking at a trip to an Urgent Care?  Where would Doug park the RV?  Plus we had several hours of driving ahead of us.  Doug to the rescue…fortunately he had brought a pair of his “loops” which are highly magnified glasses that he wears doing heart surgery…he was able to identify and remove an errant eye lash.  NO Ophthalmologist needed!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!