June 2 Saturday

It seems the clouds and the sun are competing today and the sun won.  Doug washed the RV ( BIG job!) and we finished our ballots  after much discussion and seeking advice from some friends in Redding.  We switched from LA County back to Shasta County this year.  We simply feel more connected there.  We know the city manager and sheriff and the local radio hosts are good friends in our dinner group – there’s even a McConnell Foundation!.  We have met most of the people running for the City Council…

I finished up a little shopping in Chatham…that has satisfied my shopping urge for the rest of the trip…that itch is scratched.  Finding stamps was a challenge. 

We are finishing up our time in Cape Cod with dinner at The Cape Grill in Harwick.  This is a town I wish we had more time to explore.  I had the BEST martini ( x2) I have ever had called a Kalyspo.  It is made with a pepper infused vodka – HOT.  This is a picture of me when we got home.  I am not used to TWO martini’s!

One Martini too many!!!

I did rally enough for a walk just as the sun was setting.  You never can describe how perfect a time is.  The sun was setting the the lake.  There is an old cranberry bog in the middle of the camp ground that is a bird refuge.  The frogs were competing with the bird and the frogs won.  The humidity was gone and the air crisp with the smell of the camp fires…perfect just doesn’t describe it…just imagine.  These pictures lack the smell and sounds but…

We are leaving the Cape tomorrow but hope to get a bike ride in first. 

I can see why people love it here.  You are basically in a forrest and at the sea shore at the same time, two lane roads that twist and turn through charming little beach towns and very few intersections with actual stop lights.  I wonder if the bike riders drive the locals crazy.  It seems the bikers on the Trails to Trails have the right of way and the cars have to stop when a bike is crossing the road.

Most homes are of the cedar shingle look and have wood burning fireplaces.  When it is beautiful you hit the beaches and when it is not, you cozy up with a fire.

The two most bothersome things here are deer tics and green pollen dust.  Lona says we should be wearing tic spray all the time.  I think I saw one…it looks like a roasted sesame seed with legs.  The other is the green pollen dust apparently from the pine trees.  It supposedly lasts a couple of weeks…we have managed to pick those 2 weeks the last few times we have been here.  It will literally turn a dark car chartreuse and gets all over everything.  One day we left all the windows in the RV open and came back to green dust reminding me of all the surfaces I now would have to clean!