May 25…Provincetown and The National Sea Shore

We did a very hilly 8 mile bike ride on sand dunes and into a beach forrest.  Doug is kicking himself for not bringing his GoPro and attaching it to his helmet.  It is amazing how different the East Coast beaches are from our Southern California beaches.

Provincetown is at the tip of the Cape and has a very colorful history.  Our waiter at the Lobster Pot told us that the population swells to 100,000 in season to 2,000 in the winter…it is so crowded in the summer that they close off the main street to only foot traffic.  We met a couple that had taken the ferry from Boston ( about 40 minutes) to P-Town for a day of picnicking and a bike ride.  Boston is so close but yet so far (by car…116 miles).  There is really no industry on the Cape and the winters can be brutal.  Being from such a “year round” state as California, it is hard to imagine.

Heading for the beach