May 24…Eastham Cape Cod…Atlantic Oak RV Park


This is an alternative RV Park, the one we wanted to book was full and won’t be available until after Memorial Day.  I actually love it here.  It is right on the Rails to Trails Bike Trail and within walking distance to restaurants and shops, etc.  We were expecting it to get very busy over the weekend but have been told that the “season” doesn’t really get started until July 4.

View from Bonny’s Window – again!
Our campsite

Today is sunny and cold…really cold.  We visited the National Sea Shore Visitors Center.  We are learning about the ebb and flow of the spit of land called Cape Cod.  The US Coast Guard actually grew out of the need to watch and rescue as many as 3 ship wrecks a month off of THIS coast.  We did a short hike around a salt marsh and into the forrest. 

View during National Seashore hike
National Seashore