May 23…on to Cape Cod for Memorial Weekend

Today is as beautiful as yesterday was ugly.  We crossed the Delaware and Hudson Rivers and headed onto the Cape.  We have now found the worst road ever…a connector Route 6 between Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It was a “tire blower” – well almost.

Doug decided we need fuel before we entered Cape Cod.  This particular fuel stop was really the first snafu of our 7 weeks on the road. 

Doug usually looks ahead on Google Maps to visualize the entrance and exit of a fuel stop if it isn’t a known truck stop like Pilot or Flying J or Loves.  This time he didn’t.  We called ahead and “yes” the girl at the Dunk-in Donuts inside the gas station said.  “Yes I think we can accommodate 63 feet”…wrong.  The Jeep was hanging out in the street!  This required disconnecting the Jeep while it was stuck out in traffic and we had to wait for cars to exit in order to make the turn in.  This is the most excitement this crew have seen all day.  Then…you can only buy $100 worth of fuel at a time and the pump shuts off and then it won’t take your same credit card again.  We need about $250 worth of fuel.  The other scare he had…he questioned wether he had accidentally pumped $100 worth of “gasoline” into our “diesel” tank.  He was actually pale thinking about it.  Had that occurred we would have had to have a hazmat team completely empty our tank and quite possibly remove the diesel tank from the vehicle…that could have ruined our vacation.  The EPA has to be called to arrange the disposal.  This cannot happen at a truck stop because they don’t sell gasoline and diesel at the same physical pump.  Doug can laugh now, but it wasn’t funny then.