May 22…Worst travel day ever…but it was an adventure

The 1st delay occurred on the I-84.  We came upon a complete closure for 5 miles requiring a detour along with every other car and truck on the road, through very small towns like Shipsburg population 100.   You know I actually enjoy seeing these little towns but not at stop and go speed of  3 miles an hour in an RV for hours on end.  It was one of the those days that the the cloud cover was so uniform you couldn’t tell where the sun was.  I am directionally challenged and this really had my eyes rolling back in my head.  Next came fog so thick that at times visibility was about 50 yards… and it was close to sunset. 

Our GPS indicated that we were not near any towns  and actually in the mountains.  We really needed to just stop…but where?  Doug took a chance with an off ramp (remember, we cannot back up without disconnecting the Jeep).  We ended up in some sort of truck loading facility.  We hunkered down for a night of pounding rain.  Doug was awakened in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke and immediately thought it was us…it wasn’t.  As it turns out it was a house about 2 blocks away…he was just aware before the fire trucks responded.  Me,  I was blissfully sleeping.