May 17-21…Long Beach

Leaving our RV tucked in and stored at a farm outside of Dulles Airport, we are heading back to Long Beach for a whirlwind weekend.  Melanie and Mike are having a ceremony to recognize their marriage in the Catholic Church followed by Charlotte’s baptism.  Friends of M & M are staying with us at our house in Long Beach…Haley, Jessie, & Jessica.  Saturday was a day long celebration of Charlotte’s 1st Birthday.  Another announcement that was a surprise to of us…Charlotte is going to be a big sister.  We were told that this baby is the size of a blueberry and already has a 4 chambered heart. 

Dulles Airport!
The extended family for Consecration and Baptism!
Charlotte and her happy parents!

Here we are at Charlotte’s first birthday

Flying from Dulles to LAX was actually a pleasure.  Apparently Alaska Airlines has recently acquired  Virgin Air.  We enjoyed 2 movies and the ability to order food from the computer screen at our seat. Thumbs up for Virgin.  The United flight back to Washington got us back safely, but not with as much enthusiasm…glad I brought a good book because nothing else worked.

May 17…Flying to Long Beach for a long weekend

As we were preparing the RV to leave for LB, Doug took this picture of the shoes I brought for our 3 month adventure.  He got a big kick out of 13 pairs of shoes…well, a girl needs to be prepared for anything, right?

Bonny’s Shoes for the trip
Doug’s only pair of shoes besides his Keen’s for the trip. It’s easy to be a guy!