April 27…Air and Space Museum!

This was not at the top of my list, but so glad we went.  This is the 2nd Air & Space museum and is housed near Dulles Airport.  It contains major examples from the Wright Brothers to the Concord to military aircraft.  It has the actual plane-The Enola Gay-that dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima.  This is all displayed in two enormous hangers.  We watched an I Max production on aircraft carriers that actually took you inside their huge engine and the catapult used to launch the fighters.

We also ran into several Los Angeles County Search and Rescue guys in Washington for training…small world.  A couple of them knew Christopher.

The Enola Gay that help end WW II by dropping the first Atomic weapon on Hiroshima on Aug 6, 1945. My dad was a major in the Army Air Corps at the time. I was born 35 days after this event!
Corsair on carrier landing final approach
Bonny and all her new LA County Firemen! Several knew Chris deMetropolis!
P-51 head on. Fastest U.S. fighter in WW II
Cobra on left and Huey on the right. I was able to acquire some flight time in both these while in the Army. I had 1100 hours of fixed wing time but 0 hrs in rotor wing. I thank those understanding Army pilots.