April 1… Finally on the road by 2 pm!

Completing  the last 100 things on my “to do” list.  Loading the RV is a lot of work.  Doug can’t find anything I brought like his underwear or K-cups…Smile.  Oh, and it looks like I forgot to clean the  refrigerator from our last trip…OOPS & YUCK.  We spent Easter night in a truck stop by Harris Ranch. (Doug Here! – that was AFTER we had a lovely dinner AT the Harris Ranch at a table beside a roaring fire!)

“View from my Window”  Many of you know that my favorite thing every morning is sitting in my bed, having a cup of coffee and staring out at God’s new day.  I make anyone that visits us have coffee on our bed…best view in the house.  I will continue this in the RV with a description of what I see each morning.

“View from my Window”

Today I am facing northeast.  I see a smattering of palm trees and a gas station…view from the truck stop.  Before me is a huge expanse of dirt and gravel compressed by years of truck tires…it can only get better.

Doug and I talk about the most random subjects…today we were wondering if Jews believe in heaven.  After much Google searching…we think not.  We were also speculating if heaven is like the best dream you have ever had and hell is like an ongoing nightmare.  Please weigh in with your thoughts.

Driving an RV is like subjecting your home to 7.0 earthquake daily…especially on some stretches of I-5.  It is amazing how different road conditions are in each state and how rest stops are different in various states….we give an A+ to Oregon and Texas.

April 2…Over the Grapevine and on to LA!