Retreat at Fort Clatsop

Bonny and I visited The Lewis and Clark Center which is located at the site of the log fort built built by the  U.S. Army Discovery Corps led by Captain Lewis and Lieutenant Clark.  The group had departed St. Louis in May of 1804 and arrived here in November of 1805 at the Pacific ocean. This fort was designed and built from local trees in a few weeks to provide needed shelter from a bitter winter. It is magnificent to see and appreciate what these  remarkable individuals accomplished.


At the dusk at U.S. Army installations world over the U.S. flag is lowered and  correctly folded. The entire event and the bugle played is called “Retreat” followed by “To the Colors”.  The staff noticed my U.S. Army hat, the Park Rangers honored me with the opportunity to fold the flag. It has been a long time but my memory kicked in and I pulled it off. Whew!


View From the Top

Astoria has an interesting hill overlooking the town and the Columbia River. There is a tower that Bonny and I climbed (164 steps) and the view is amazing. I will stop with the words but here are the pictures. Click on them to see full size.


Not looking too bad after 264 steps to the top!
Not looking too bad after 164 steps to the top!



Anniversary in Astoria!

October 7th marks our 14th anniversary.

Anniversary Dinner 2014
Anniversary Dinner 2014

Bonny and I feel very fortunate for our families and many friends both in Southern California, Redding and all across this wonderful country. We also spent time reminiscing about past adventures and travels and planning more of the same to come!

Thank you all for enriching our lives! Really, thank YOU.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening and dinner at the Bridgewater Bistro here in Astoria, Oregon. We had wonderful seafood dinners and attacked a bottle of matured grape juice from Roderer.  The combination and location were just great. We would really recommend this restaurant if you ever get up this far into Oregon. Here is there web site:

Some pictures follow and as usual you can see them enlarged with a simple mouse click!    Anniversary Dinner

IMG_1604    IMG_1607


I woke up this morning completely surrounded by fog.  It was delightful sitting up front watching the sun rise and the fog lift on the beautiful golf course that we have called home for a few days.  I have always said that one of the best things about retirement is “sleeping until I’m through”.

Today is our anniversary….14 years.  We have had a lot of fun and I can honestly say, still, that I have never once been bored!!!  I would gladly sign up for another 14……that should put us into our mid 80’s.

Yesterday we visited the beach communities of Seaside and Cannon Beach.  (Pictures are here – just click) They are typical beach towns and very different from Astoria just a few miles to the North.

Astoria is built on a hillside near where the Columbia River meets the sea.  Most of homes are Victorian and some are 200 years old.  At one time the population was as high as 100,000  with a thriving logging, shipping, and canning industry.  At that time the town was build on wooden piles  over the water.  A huge fire in the 1920’s destroyed the city as it swept under and burnt the support the city was built.  Today the population is 10,000, however, Doug and I spotted a Costco which tells us a lot about the surrounding community.



We arrived in Astoria, Oregon last evening and found our RV site on a beautiful golf course. Getting here was a challenge. Our GPS choose to route our 40 ft motorhome with our Jeep attached (63 feet total) up a steep hill then onto  a narrow residential street which was a dead end! This necessitated unhooking the Jeep and blocking the street while we made a tight multi-point u-turn.  Bonny was a great spotter! All went well! But check out the sign on our GPS “approved” route!

IMG_1593   IMG_1593-2

We plan to stay a few days here it is so lovely.

Bonny will add her thoughts.

Astoria Pictures here

Fish and Chips Here
We were sent here for the best fish and chips in town!


Columbia River Gorge

October 3, 2014   Columbia Gorge

Today we returned to the Columbia Gorge……..we simply ran out of time yesterday watching the sunset on our day from the Vista House high above the Gorge. I love how God ends his day with the sun peeking through the leaves, the deepening red of the sky followed by the twinkling of a million lights.

We started with brunch at Multnomah Restaurant. It is a beautiful lodge like structure with a huge fireplace that always seems to be well fed. We ate in the room next door that is a sun room with a steep glass roof.  We seem to find beauty everywhere we look….a beautiful cloudless day, a bit windy with white caps seen on the Columbia River. The Multnomha  Falls are the 2 nd highest year round water falls in the US.  Doug and I walked up to the 1st of 11 switchbacks.  Since we had planed a bike ride, we decided that was high enough.

Oregon provides many miles of bike riding trails for its citizens and we only got a very small taste. Today we did a trail that is dedicated to bikes and runs from Dobson to Cascade Locks. It is 8 miles long. As beautiful as it is, it follows the freeway and is noisy. We started from both ends and would recommend beginning at Cascade. It is away from the freeway and is dominated by tree covered tunnels………it is like riding your bike into Heaven.

On our way out, we stopped at an outdoor market for fresh fish ( or folks selling fish out of coolers in a parking lot). It is very interesting that the Indians in the area have no restrictions on fishing and can use nets as well. The smoked salmon didn’t last very long, yum.

Tomorrow, Astoria.


Mt. Hood and Cascade Locks

October 2, 2014  

Mt. Hood,  Cascade Locks, and Columbia River Gorge

We drove to Mt. Hood for a pleasant morning at Timberline Lodge. After visiting the mountain, we ended up spending quite a while at a small town called Cascades Locks, population 1000.  We met the mayor who was mowing the lawn at the park and is also the paddle boat captin.  There was a very small beautiful island called Thunder Island that we explored.  We did make it to the Multnomah falls, but late. We watched the sun set at Vista House on the Historical Route 30.  We are going back tomorrow via Route 14 from Vancouver over the Bridge of the Gods and have brunch at the falls.

Click Here for Photos!

Sunset view of the Columbia River from the View House
Sunset view of the Columbia River from the View House


October1, 2014 

Portland, Oregon

Bonny and I arrived in Portland and met her long time nursing school friend, Maggie. We attended the Oregon Symphony that evening in one of the most beautiful music venues we have ever seen.

Then next day we had a personal Portland tour by Maggie

The following day we did a self guided tour of the Japanese Garden and the Western Forest just on the edge of the city. We had a beautiful day and a wonderful experience. Portland is an attractive city with a lovely, lively downtown and much to see.

Check out our Portland Photos here!Japanese Garden Portland


October 1, 2014


Portland…..where the weather is predictably unpredictable.  This is definitely a “layering” city.  Yesterday we experienced light rain, sunshine, warm sunshine, clouds, rain in the sunshine, twinkling rain.
We spent the day seeing the city that my friend Maggie loves and I can see why.  First we toured her house which is a very small cottage, but is surprisingly spacious with a loft for her bedroom and a basement for everything else.  The gardens she has created in the front and back are ever so inviting.  She offers it on occasion as a B & B which delights her guests.  The neighborhood has homes of varying size, many Victorian and Craftsman homes and tree canopied streets.  It is near Reed Collage which is a small, very expensive private school.  She thinks it looks like Hogwarts.
Our first stop was the tram which extents over the city from the waterfront to the Medical Center on the hill overlooking Portland……breathtaking.
Aerial tram to OU Medical Center with view of Portland
Aerial tram to OU Medical Center with view of Portland