Neil Lindstrom – On the Beach

_DSC5304One of the great joys of travel, and RV travel in particular, is meeting fellow travelers. Bonny and I took a walk on the beach in Newport, Oregon today. There on the beach we met and talked with a wonderful American, Neil Lindstrom. Neil and his wife live in the north-east corner of Colorado where he is a retired farmer.  He and his wife are heavily involved in helping children and youth in Colorado. He financially supports a children’s summer camp near Estes Park, Colorado. Most interesting, he has been generously offering parcels of his own farm land to deserving young farmers in his area. He wants to help them get a start in family farming – something he believes is an important part of the United States. We agree. Hats off to Neil and his wife – real Americans!

Beach at Newport, Oregon October 13, 2014
Beach at Newport, Oregon October 13, 2014

3 days in Newport, Oregon

133 miles of Oregon coastline from Astoria to Newport…….I enjoyed the scenery, Doug, however,  was white knuckling it for most of the trip as he maneuvered 62 1/2 feet and  38,000 pounds of vehicle  on the 101 Coast Highway.  He is really quite a good driver.

Oregon is my new favorite state and I think God’s favorite color is green.  The lushness of Central Oregon and the coast is unsurpassed.  I know I look forward to returning and enjoying the many bike trails that are everywhere in the state.

We stayed at Pacific Shores RV Resort.  This was the most pricey of our sites at $70 in the off season.  Unlike other parks, each site is individually owned.  There was an indoor pool, spa, and gym ( none of which we used :  (   ) BUT, the view from the front seat of our RV was spectacular with a trail down to a beach that we mostly had to ourselves. For future reference, space 128 is the most beautiful with ocean view, grass, and a forrest to the right.

Yaquina Lighthouse
Yaquina Lighthouse as seen 20 ft from our RV!

We spent a day at a state park thats main attraction is a beautiful lighthouse………Yaquina State Park.  The sea was very rough that day with anticipated storms.  We were warned to be careful of Sneeker waves which are exactly that.   We never saw one, but our previously mentioned acquaintances, Neil, said he and his wife were drenched by one near the beach.

Yaquina Head Light House – Operational 1873
Stormy day with rough surf – any sneaker waves nearby?