September 30, 2014


Our first real day in Portland.  My friend Maggie Chandler ( she was a nursing school friend that went on to become the librarian at Poly until her retirement ) spent the day as our personal tour guide.  You can tell she loves Portland.  Doug & I agree.  It is a fabulous place with just about anything you could want to do.
We started the day at the aerial tram that travels from the river up to the medical centers on the hill overlooking the city.  It is the best way ever to get a lay of the land.  We traveled around town on the metro buses.  I think what I love best are the trees that line the down town streets.  The city is really clean.  One of our stops was along the river where Maggie and 19 of her closets friends meet 3 times a week to paddle in the Dragon Boats.  You should see her biceps and lats!!  They do this in rain or snow.   Makes me feel like a bit of a wuss since you will only find me kayaking in fair weather.   Saw Powell’s Book store, famous for it’s size and  three stories.  We wonder how the electronic books affected it’s sales.  We ended the day at Jake’s for happy hour and fish tacos.
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Portland Area RV Park

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Portland Area RV Park 45.544151, -122.444414
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One thought on “Portland”

  1. I loved spending time with you both and hope you’ll return to Portland! As for the dragon boat group (Golden Dragons): There are over 150 of us in the club and usually 40 – 60 on the water on any given day (weather notwithstanding). The average age of our paddlers is approximately 70 something.

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