The Trip Starts – Finally!

September 23
2014 The Trip Starts – Finally!
Hi there,

Well we are finally on the road.  Doug and I were so tired from packing the RV on Saturday that we parked in the Redding Elk’s and went out to a movie and pizza.  We left for Oregon on Sunday,  September 21st, refreshed.  We drove 168 miles to the Rogue River State Park between Grants Pass and Medford.  The ride was nice, but the ravages of the draught were very apparent with huge areas of tree not turning to fall colors, but dying.  The fires have left the skies smokey as the worst smoggy day in LA.  Our little spot at the Rogue River has lots of healthy trees.  The best part of all is that we can have a real fire.  We bought 2 bundles of firewood.  Hey!!
Today is the first day with absolutely no agenda except a bike ride to explore the town of Rogue River.  Tomorrow we are having lunch with a gal I went to nursing school with, Linda Sprague Hanson.  She lives in Central Point.  She says she still has horses that are descendants of the horses she had when we were in school over 45 years ago.  I am so looking forward to seeing her.
Bonny and Doug