September 30, 2014


Our first real day in Portland.  My friend Maggie Chandler ( she was a nursing school friend that went on to become the librarian at Poly until her retirement ) spent the day as our personal tour guide.  You can tell she loves Portland.  Doug & I agree.  It is a fabulous place with just about anything you could want to do.
We started the day at the aerial tram that travels from the river up to the medical centers on the hill overlooking the city.  It is the best way ever to get a lay of the land.  We traveled around town on the metro buses.  I think what I love best are the trees that line the down town streets.  The city is really clean.  One of our stops was along the river where Maggie and 19 of her closets friends meet 3 times a week to paddle in the Dragon Boats.  You should see her biceps and lats!!  They do this in rain or snow.   Makes me feel like a bit of a wuss since you will only find me kayaking in fair weather.   Saw Powell’s Book store, famous for it’s size and  three stories.  We wonder how the electronic books affected it’s sales.  We ended the day at Jake’s for happy hour and fish tacos.
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Portland Area RV Park

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Portland Area RV Park 45.544151, -122.444414
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Eugene to Portland

September 30, 2014

Leaving Eugene for Portland

Hi everyone,

I can see I am getting a bit delinquent in my diary.  One of Doug’s goals on this trip is to create and maintain a blog about our adventures.  This will be a separate web site you can go to ( or not).  Some of you have voiced interest in our travels, others are getting this simply because you are related to us.  This is created so WE can recount our days.
The past few days have be spent in Eugene, Oregon at at a wonderful county park called Armitage County Park.  We had the last of 31 sites.  It was one of the best places we have ever stayed.  The sites are very spacious with trees all around, surrounded by a county park on the edge of the Mckenzie River.   We met a lovely couple that have been full timing it for 16 months in a 20 foot trailer.  They managed to transport their 2 bikes, an 18 year old cat, and a 2 man kayak.  We are impressed.  We felt so “out in the country” but Costco was less than 5 minutes from our camp!
Sunday we did a bike ride along a Willamette River Trail and through the Univeisty of Oregon campus. We  both agree that we have to come back to Eugene.   It is a very interesting culture here.  People watching is quite entertaining, especially at The Saturday Market.
Monday September 29, 2014
Arrived in Portland to intermittent rain ( although, they don’t consider it rain here).  We met up with my friend Maggie and joined her and friends for Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and on to the Oregon Symphony.

To be continued……….We are anxiously waiting for news from Andy & Lindsay about Dylan’s new brother or sister :  )

Enroute to Eugene

September 27,2014

Enroute to Eugene

Hi everyone,

Doug and I are on I-5 headed towards Eugene, Or.  We have spent the last 4 days in the Rogue Valley State Park.  After a day of rain, the skies are beautiful and most everything is refreshingly green. I think we both needed a few days to just chill. We rode our bikes, visited my friend from nursing school, Linda Hanson, saw a couple of movies, cozied up and read, and I refamiliarized my self with the coach.  I also took a tour of the kitchens and packing facility at Harry & David’s.  I learned that they are the major employer for the city of Medford.  I have always loved their products and like them even better now.

Doug has done a great job fixing  up the coach and preparing for this trip.  We even have a reverse osmosis system (I thought the same thing-SO?????).  It completely purifies the water………no scum in the shower and clear ice cubes, not to mention completely purified water to drink.

Of note.. Jacksonville is a delightful must see.  We had lunch and spent the afternoon with Linda at a great little resturant called The Bella Union.   It has also become quite an area for wineries. We sat under a huge fig tree that covered the entire patio.
We saw the movie The 100 Foot Journey.  Don’t miss it.  It is a delightful story that takes place in the South of France.  I just finished reading 11/22/1963 by Steven King.  Would recommend it.  It is about traveling back in time and preventing the assassination of JFK.
Last night we started dinner about 830 after a trip to Costco for some good rib eye steaks (as you know we are both carnivores ).  We looked like the 2 Stooges trying to build a fire and bar-b-q.   The fire just wouldn’t cooperate and we couldn’t see a thing to cook.  We are learning  :  )   Where is a fireman when you need him?  You boys are always good at starting a bonfire.
Saturday September 27, 2014
So far the promised 73 degree, mostly sunny day, has not materialized……maybe it will be laundry day :  (
(Doug here – that was damp wood – really it was)
Rogue River Sunset from our campsite (20 ft. walk)

September 26

September 26, 2014

Doug and Bonny on the Road

This will serve as our photo gallery and our memory/scrap book of our new RV adventures. We are camped on the edge of the Rogue River in Oregon as I write this just before sunrise on September 26, 2014. This has been a lovely 4 day stay – complete with a day of RAIN. I had almost forgot what rain was until I was awakened by the sound on the RV roof. Bonny of course want to WALK in the rain – like a little kid. Of course we got wet but what the heck – we are retired!!

Stay tuned

The Trip Starts – Finally!

September 23
2014 The Trip Starts – Finally!
Hi there,

Well we are finally on the road.  Doug and I were so tired from packing the RV on Saturday that we parked in the Redding Elk’s and went out to a movie and pizza.  We left for Oregon on Sunday,  September 21st, refreshed.  We drove 168 miles to the Rogue River State Park between Grants Pass and Medford.  The ride was nice, but the ravages of the draught were very apparent with huge areas of tree not turning to fall colors, but dying.  The fires have left the skies smokey as the worst smoggy day in LA.  Our little spot at the Rogue River has lots of healthy trees.  The best part of all is that we can have a real fire.  We bought 2 bundles of firewood.  Hey!!
Today is the first day with absolutely no agenda except a bike ride to explore the town of Rogue River.  Tomorrow we are having lunch with a gal I went to nursing school with, Linda Sprague Hanson.  She lives in Central Point.  She says she still has horses that are descendants of the horses she had when we were in school over 45 years ago.  I am so looking forward to seeing her.
Bonny and Doug